Terrible dust storm

  James James diary, 12 November 1902. (Diary courtesy of East Loddon Historical Society) Transcript: Terrible dust storm all day in the evening it got as dark as midnight had to light candles to see; from Melbourne & Deniliquin never such a dust storm known a light shower after.   Story: James James was an […]

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Hottest Day

  ‘Hottest Day this Summer at Albury,’ Border Morning Mail, 20 November 1944, 2. Transcript: At 2 o’clock this morning the temperature was 97 degrees. On Saturday the maximum temperature at Albury was 97.2 degrees. A crowd of more than 1000 was at Morwell Pork during the afternoon. At night when there was no relief

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Watering the Vines

When the district was first set up, we had a water right. That is, we had X amount of water that we were provided by right for the property. As time went by, that was changed by government … where we don’t have the right anymore. We have a license and that license figure relies

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