Terrible dust storm

  James James diary, 12 November 1902. (Diary courtesy of East Loddon Historical Society) Transcript: Terrible dust storm all day in the evening it got ...
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Seasonal rainfall deficits in Bendigo during the Federation Drought

Story: This plot shows rainfall variability in each season in Bendigo during the Federation Drought (1895–1903). The rainfall amounts have had the average for each ...
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Scarcity of Water

Bendigo Independent, 12 March 1901, p. 2   Story: This extract from the Bendigo Independent illustrates failing water supply in Bendigo in the later years of ...
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Droughts and Floods

Nature often goes to extremes, And after years of blighting droughts, As flood descends and lightning gleams Midst thunder’s roars, as though our thoughts Were ...
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